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CW600X3 Equipped with three membranes

The CW600 X3 is equipped with three membranes which allow a purer water production. The synthetic sandbox is separate and will be located close to the system. (see picture)

All our models are equipped with TDS readers allowing a direct reading of the PPM (Particles Per Million), characterizing the concentration of impurities in the water. The reader provides the quality of the feed water inlet and the quality of the pure water outlet to monitor if a synthetic sand needs to be replaced

CRYSTAL WASH produces ultra pure water, demineralized & demineralized by reverse osmosis process plus other sophisticated filtrations, the use is simple and semi-automatic.

Water production is between 550 & 650 L/H and can occasionally reach 700 L/H under favorable conditions. Thanks to the use of extendable hoses, the system maintains a constant pressure and thus makes it possible to reach inaccessible parts with a powerful jet.

The system is equipped with a pressure regulator which controls the start and stop of the high pressure motor. Thus the water comes out on demand at the outlet of a water gun.


Need more washing power & flow?

The possibility of coupling two systems in parallel on a washing network multiplies the pressure and the flow. Depending on the size of the vessel this solution may be recommended.