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YACHTS Sail & Power


Save valuable time

Whether you plan to wash down a large super yacht or a classic sailing yacht the time is of an essence for all yacht crew with short turn over times.

Using CRYSTAL WASH wash system you not only ensure the best treatment for paint or varnish alike but also eliminate the need to chammy as no watermarks will be left.

PLANES Private & Commercial


Save on Costs & the Environment

It is a known fact that a clean aircraft has less friction and uses less fuel. Thus it is cost effective and consequently will reduce its environmental footprint.

Ultra Pure Water cleaning uses less water, less time and is more kind to the aircraft’s surfaces than traditional methods. Resulting in, not only favorable direct cleaning costs but also reduction in the need for expensive repainting cost and downtime.

CARS Dealers & Collectors


Save on time & money

Keeping your cars spotless and shiny can be a time consuming and costly affair. 

Cleaning your vehicle with CRYSTAL WASHs Ultra Pure Water System will not only save you time as well as money but will be gentle to fragile vintage paintworks.

Natural drying without watermarks, no need to chammy or buff.