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WHY CRYSTAL WASH? PURE WATER Has powerful cleaning capabilities

  • No soap required
  • Less time with better results
  • Leaves no streaks or watermarks
  • No wiping / drying necessary
  • Preserves all surfaces, paint stainless steel & glass
  • Preserves Polish & Wax
  • Environmentally safe

By removing all the hard minerals suspended in the water, we obtain totally demineralized / deionized water. This deminarilized water between 0 ppm and 10 ppm will leave no trace during evaporation and natural drying.

In contrast to regular tap water, loaded with minerals and other solids, ultra pure water naturally absorbs dirt deposited on surfaces. This dirt is found suspended in polluted air and usually in busy urban areas and will be removed.

Washing is done by greatly reducing the use of detergent. Only greasy and stubborn stains will need soap, sprayed locally. Regular use of pure water considerably slows the phenomenon of opacification and avoids regular polishing. This allows long lasting shiny surfaces, paints, gelcoat, stainless steel, glass, etc.

If necessary CRYSTAL WASH recommends the occasional use of a polishing type detergent to maintain shine, depending on the visual condition.

CRYSTAL WASH produces ultra pure water, demineralized & deionized by reverse osmosis process plus other sophisticated filtrations, the use is simple. The systems are semi-automatic or automatic.

On deck, we strongly recommend the use of a flexible stretch synthetic hose. Convenient for storage and easy to handle. Thanks to the use of extendable hoses, the system maintains a constant pressure and thus makes it possible to reach inaccessible parts with a powerful jet by increasing the pressure.

The possibility of coupling two systems in parallel on a washing network increases the pressure and multiplies the flow. Depending on the dimensions of your yacht, 2 models CW6002X or CW600X3 could be suitable. Please see specifications for more information.

The systems are equipped with pressure regulators which control the starting and stopping of the high pressure motor. Thus the water comes out on demand at the outlet of a water gun.



Specially designed for daily use and the treatment of large quantities of urban or desalinated drinking water (considered potable and between 100 and 250 ppm).

Simple technology built to last. Equipped with a TDS reader allowing direct reading of the PPM (Particles Per Million) characterizing the concentration of impurities in the water, input / output.


Rinsing / flushing or regular use avoids the formation of organic elements which can have an impact on the quality of the water produced and the degradation of semi-permeable membranes.

Depending on the intensity and the volumes of water used, the primary filters and the synthetic sand will have to be replaced. These items are easily found, we can ship them. An occasional descaling process may be necessary (see user manual).


Depending on the water hardness in different parts of the world and in some cases, the water supply to the CRYSTAL WASH system will require pre-treatment via a T.A.C softener to reduce premature scaling.

We propose the T.A.C system, compact, easy and efficient. Other high-performance systems are also available.

We can adapt our solutions BASED ON YOUR EQUIPMENT

 Our models can be associated in parallel according to the size of your YACHT while maintaining the same efficiency.
The flow is then multiplied by two.
Please consult us for more information.


CW600X2 All integrated

CW600X3 Equipped With Three Membranes